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New Kid Cashmere

Posted on January 17, 2016 by craig t

Kid Cashmere is the softest, rarest and most luxurious cashmere (or yarn for that matter) you'll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. These ultra fine fibers are humanely combed from the shoulders and flanks of baby (kid) cashmere goats less than a year old. Born in the north western part of Inner Mongolia, home to the finest cashmere on earth, my new Kid Cashmere lace wt. is the rarest of the rare; it's unimaginably soft, lighter than a feather and oh-so warm. This fiber is exceedingly scarce, each young cashmere goat, (kid) only produces 30 grams of fiber in it's lifetime! This fiber is more precious than vicuna or qiviut. The fibers from these kid cashmere goats are incredibly fine averaging only 13 - 13.5 microns in diameter (a human hair is 45 to 90); it's the thinnest softest cashmere fiber you'll ever find anywhere, bar none.

What a joy and treat it is for me to be able to deliver this amazing fiber to you. 



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