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Welcome to The Cashmere Co-op. The Cashmere Co-op designs and spins unique luxury fibers from around the world. The Cashmere Co-op is partnered with a large cashmere...Read More

Recent Articles

New 100% Sable yarn
June 22, 2016

100% Sable is a light fingering wt yarn 50 gram balls, 273 yards (250 meters) 25 sts = 4 inches I'm very excited to announce my brand new -- first ever -- 100% Sable yarn is now available (YEA!!). Pure Sable...

Snow Fox and Cashmere
March 24, 2016

I don't remember being as excited about the launch of a new exotic luxury yarn as I am about my new Snow Fox and Cashmere (55% Snow Fox 45% Cashmere). These two fibers are the perfect match; both are super...

New Kid Cashmere
January 17, 2016

Kid Cashmere is the softest, rarest and most luxurious cashmere (or yarn for that matter) you'll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. These ultra fine fibers are humanely combed from the shoulders and flanks of baby (kid) cashmere goats less than a year...

Why Alashan Cashmere is so special
November 17, 2015

Alashan cashmere comes from the Alashanzuoqi white cashmere goat. These unique cashmere goats are only found on the Alashan Terrace which is located to the west part of the Inner Mongolian plateau. Selective breeding for down production has occurred since 1970. The Alashanzuoqi cashmere goat...